What's this?

This site is dedicated to my Secret of Mana activities. So far I have created exactly one video on it. The video is available at YouTube and contains every spell's special effect and the shadow zeros. The video quality is miserable, I know this ~.~

2011-06-05: 5000 views after 2 years and ~2 months :D

2009-12-12: YAY! My vid gathered 1k views this week ^_^. And here is the surprise: The footage for the video (signature). The footage is published under a Creative-Commons-Attribution licence (except music).

2009-07-22: There will be a surprise once the video has 1000 views.

2009-05-25: Video reaches 250 views!!!!!!!1111111111

This is somehow an English outlet of my German site, kreuvf.de, which normally deals with more serious topics. And I do not think that mixing serious and fun stuff is a good idea. That is why I am even using a different nickname here.

That's all?

Yeah, obviously that's all for now. If you want to contact me, use my @kreuvf.de address and, if possible, encrypt it using my GPG key.

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